SSR Reformer

SSR-PictureEnabling higher capacity, reduced energy consumption and longer life

Catacel is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of catalytic reformer and heat exchanging technology.

We, H&H Worldwide, Inc., are providing Catacel’s SSR® to various companies worldwide.

Catacel’s SSR® is a direct replacement for the loose ceramic catalyst media in the stationary steam reforming process that has been used in industrial plants for many years to produce hydrogen from natural gas. Conventional ceramic catalyst beds must often be replaced every three to five years due to mechanical degradation of the media. The SSR will not crush and has a longer life, possibly lasting as long as the life of the plant.

Due to its significantly higher heat transfer, the SSR can provide a significant capacity increase to any reformer that has been upgraded with this technology. Alternatively, the higher heat transfer of SSR can enable lower furnace temperatures with consequent energy savings and extended tube and furnace life.

The SSR delivers significant energy and capital savings in hydrogen production and process applications as well as large fuel cell platforms. This innovation also has valuable potential for bio-fuel, alternative energy and solid/gas-to-liquid fuel applications. It will offer the same advantages to other industries as well.